Welcome to Folsom High's Global Perspective Studies

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    What is Global Perspective Studies (GPS)?

    Folsom High School’s Global Perspective Studies connects global perspectives with global experiences through the infusion of an international studies curriculum. The purpose of this academic program is to allow our students to enhance their learning opportunities to better meet the challenges of life in a changing world. The students will be engaged in coursework that will inspire them to think not only critically, but globally.  FHS is committed to continuing the tradition of educational excellence with the expansion of its curricular focus into the “global realm” with the launch of the Global Program Studies.

    Why GPS at Folsom High School?

    Folsom High School’s GPS was designed to be inclusive of traditional high school programs such as Fine Arts, Student Leadership, Music, Athletics, and Advanced Placement, while providing a specialized focus on international studies.  This unique program enhances global educational perspectives while fostering cultural awareness, tolerance, understanding, and respect.

    What is the Goal of GPS?

    GPS will facilitate a passion for learning by utilizing a common thread of world perspectives. Course format will integrate common core standards with an international infusion. Students will “locate their place in the world.”