Welcome to Science!

 Welcome to the Cordova High Science Department 
The State of California has recently adopted new science standards called the “Next Generation Science Standards”, or NGSS.  This year the CHS Science Department will begin implementing these new standards.  The new standards require students to demonstrate new skills and may require activities that students have not previously experienced.   Below are links to the new standards for more information:

             California CDE Page:  http://www.cde.ca.gov/pd/ca/sc/ngssstandards.asp

             NSTA Parent Q & A: http://ngss.nsta.org/parent-q-and-a/

Cordova High School is an International Baccalaureate School.  Classes labeled "MYP" are in the Middle Years Program.  See the 'MYP Science' Link for more information.

The Science Team

Physical/Earth Science (MYP):                      
Biology (MYP):
Chemistry (MYP):
Ms. Cook Honors
Physics/Honors Physics:
Anatomy & Physiology:
IB Diploma:
Mrs. Cronkhite Biology HL
Ms. Cook  Chemistry SL
Mr. Bafus Environmental Systems & Societies (ESS) SL
Department Chair:
Ms. Cook


Science Extracurriculars

Do you LOVE science?  Interested in getting more involved in scientifically related activities?  Check out some of these activities:
Science Club
Cordova FFA: