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 Our Mission

 It is the mission of the Transportation Services Department to provide for  students, staff and community of the Folsom Cordova Unified School District  the safest and most reliable means of transportation. We support this mission  by providing ongoing training to ensure our drivers are knowledgeable with the  most current laws and regulations; maintaining the fleet on a strict schedule;  replacing obsolete/ outdated vehicles regularly; and communicating regularly  with the staff and community leaders on recommended changes to meet the  needs of the District.
 Please remind the students that they need to have a bus pass or a courtesy  pass to get onto the school bus each time.
 -Transportation Dept. 

Bus riders may receive up to 5 courtesy passes per semester and only 2 may be requested in a row.  These can be retrieved in the main office from the principal's secretary either before school or during lunch time. Courtesy passes are not issued after school for any reason. 
Bus riders who have lost their bus pass must purchase a new one for $5.  Put the money in a sealed envelop with the students name and ID number and give it to their regular bus driver.
One way bus tickets may be purchased through transportation.  Mitchell no longer sells one way tickets.   
Questions regarding courtesy passes or one tickets may be directed to Stacey Michelini at smicheli@fcusd.org or 635-8460 ext 151 


Contact Information

Barbara Terry
Director of Transportation
916.631.0401 ext 106
Bernice Anisodon 
Administrative Assistant
916.631.0401ext 106
Department Location
11458 Elks Circle
Rancho Cordova, CA 95742