Anime D. Bafus Wednesdays H204
Armenian P. Thrasher
ART Club R. Oliva  Friday 3-4pm F-104
Asian N. Cronkhite E.O. Friday H201
ATC - Arrows to Culture  K. Barrantes TBA
BSU - Black Student Union  M. Smith Williams/A. Davis GYM
CSF M. Cook Friday H212
Dance "B-Boyz" C. Cooper Mornings GYM
Debate Club  Mrs. Old  Monday - E-9
F.N.L. (Friday Night Live) D. Andrus E.O. Wed. 7:20 A.M - H113
FFA B. Harnden  Tuesday 3-4 pm H-203
FHA-Hero & Sewing  D. Goldman Wed 3-4 F104
Filipino E. Muse Various 
Flat Liners - The Medical Club J. Creeger & A. Kraft Tuesday 3-4 pm D-11
G.S.A. (Gay Straight Alliance)  C. Gilmore Monday 3-4 G6
Guitar Club C. Uribe Tuesdays 3-4 pm M.A.C. 
History on the Go (Mag-7) C. Billieci G1 - Mondays
Interact Conrade Mayer Wednesdays 3-4 B-4
Key J. Creeger Monday 3-4pm D-11
Latino T. Pena Monday 3-4 E -4 
Rugby  Coach Terry  See Mrs. Parker
Spirit Club D. Bafus -J. Creeger before games
The Club of Bacon (Athiest & Agnostic Club)  S. Borth Monday - Library 
THE WAY (Christian) P. Thrasher Tues 3-4pm E-6
Travel Club S. Borth