Welcome to the 2015 MOSS Camp page!   I will post updates and pictures as I receive them.

Update from MOSS!!

Weather's been perfect and clear in the redwoods! Kids are having a blast and everyone is doing well!

Yesterday groups hiked to Big Tree (in an old growth forest) and had fun doing the team-building challenge courses

Today groups are heading to the coast to study estuaries and tide pools, or they are exploring riparian habitats at the stream

Groups have had some interesting bug encounters! and most of our 5th graders have joined the Banana Slug Club - kissing the largest slug in the Americas and feeling it's numbing slime on their lips!

Students are enjoying lots of hand on science and  learning about conservation and taking care of our planet.

Bus is scheduled to depart MOSS at 11:30 am on Friday.  Estimated time of arrival at Navigator -5:30 PM.
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chow time!     yum!    dinner
dinner    more food    this is dinner?
home sweet home    beautiful
 Monday, 4:00 - Campers arrived around 2:PM safe and sound!
 Monday, 11:30 - Finished lunch and on the road again!
 Monday, 9:30 a.m.  The report from the bus is that they are all falling asleep one by one!
 Monday, 8:00 a.m.  And they are off!!
 Biys on the bus       bus       girls on the bus    girls