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Cordova High School


  Head Coaches/Emails

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Fall Sports

Girls Volleyball Head Coach:

Shavonna Andrews

Cross Country Head Coach:

Josh Gruver
Football Varsity Head Coach:
Darren Nill

Girls Golf Head Coach:

Mark Gribskov                     
Cheer Head Coach:

Winter Sports

Girls Basketball Head Coach:

Raymond Bradley

Boys Basketball Head Coach:

Fletcher Johnson
Boys Soccer Head Coach:
Eric McCahon   
Girls Soccer Head Coach:
Brian Danzl

Wrestling Head Coach:

Marcos Garcia  

Cheer Head Coach:


Spring Sports

Baseball Head Coach:

Doug Hughes 

Boys Golf Head Coach:

Vacant (Contact Girls Golf Coach)

Girls Softball Head Coach:

Tracy Cole

Swim Team Head Coach:

Vacant (Contact Dean Ortiz/Asst)
Co-Ed Tennis Head Coach:
Jeff Pieczynski

Boys Track & Field Head Coach:

Shane Jackson
Girls Track & Field Head Coach:
Roger Parker 
Tom Pena
Special Education Teacher / Athletic Director
916-294-2450 x810406
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