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8th graders' school slogans on display

Eight graders’ creative school slogans are now displayed on Sutter Middle School’s marquee in front of the school, a result of an inspiring class lesson.

English Teacher Nancy Lee thought having her students come up with slogans for the school would be a fun way to start their argumentative writing unit.

“Kids need to learn the power of words and word choice is important,” she said.

Students in each of her class periods came up with slogans for the school.

Their targeted audience was parents and there were reoccurring themes students wanted to convey in all of the slogans including: education, community and safety, Lee said.

The teacher liked the slogans her students came up with so much she decided to share them with Principal Keri Phillips.

There were five slogans total and Phillips selected two to display on the marquee in front of the school.

Editor’s Note: These are all five of the student slogans that resulted from the class lesson.

Thrive together, learn forever!

Smarter, safer, Sutter

With great teachers and a safe campus too, try Sutter Middle, it will be right for you!

We're safe, we're smart, we're Sutter

Acceptance and education, a safe place for all