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Rain doesn't stop P.E. fun at Oak Chan Elementary

With multiple rainy days in the forecast recently kids still need to get their energy out.
Rainy weather challenges P.E. teachers like Ms. Zoe Winters, at Oak Chan Elementary School to be creative, so students are still active and have fun in the process.
Ms. Winters has been teaching for the school district for 29 years and has been a P.E. teacher at Oak Chan Elementary for 20 years.
It seems her most popular course based on community feedback is her Kinder Buddies program and we were fortunate enough to film that on a rainy day recently.
5th graders are partnered up with kindergartners and they do all sorts of fun exercise activities together. The 5th graders are the "Big Buddies" and kindergartners are the "Little Buddies." 
In order for 5th graders to participate in the weekly Kinder Buddies program they must be achieving academic and behavioral goals in the classroom. It gives the 5th graders a chance to practice leadership skills and be role models for our newest Oak Chan Dragons, said Winters.
The 5th graders also have their regular P.E. time once a week. They are engaged in more advanced games and activities using skills they've developed through the years at Oak Chan, she said.
Ms. Winters said, she loves being able to teach kids and see their growth from K-5th grade.